Japanese Iris (Hanashobu)

Since their leaves are similar to those of "Shobu (sweet flag)" and they produce pretty flowers, they were named "Hanashobu ("flowering iris", or Iris ensata)". Hanashobu is very similar to "Ayame (Iris sanguinea)" and "Kakitsubata (Iris laevigata)" of the same iris genus. They can be identified by the different appearance of the petal base. The yellow pattern identifies the Hanashobu Japanese irises. See for yourself!

Peak viewing season

Early June to late June

Flower meaning

"Elegance", "showing the spirit"

*The best time to see the flowers may vary depending on the weather conditions.

Flower Walk spots

Iris Garden, Kitayama Park, Higashimurayama City

Iris Garden, Kitayama Park, Higashimurayama City

At beautifully green Hachikokuyama hill, you can enjoy a relaxing time while also watching trains from the Seibu Lines run in the distance. Since there is an elementary school nearby, the echoes of children's voices give Kitayama Park a vibrant feel. You will enjoy strolling through the flowers in a lush green and water landscape.


4-50 Noguchicho, Higashimurayama-shi, Tokyo


About a 20-minute walk from Higashi-Murayama Station


(Greenery and Parks Section, Community Development Department, Higashimurayama City Office)