Sunflower (Himawari)

The sunflower is a flower that has been associated with the "sun" in the countries in which it has been introduced. During its period of growth, it seeks sunlight and changes its direction to follow the sun, but after blossoming, it constantly continues to face east, where the sun rises.
The sunflower is the national flower of Russia, and is grown mostly in the world for its oil.

Peak viewing season

Mid-July to late August

Flower meaning

"I see only you", "worship"

*The best time to see the flowers may vary depending on the weather conditions.

Flower Walk spots

Kiyose Sunflower Festival

Kiyose Sunflower Festival

This event was started in 2008 by members of the "Kiyose Society for the Protection of Agricultural Landscapes". An observation platform offers a magnificent view of the sunflower field, where about 100,000 sunflowers bloom. Under blue skies of summer, this sea of sunflowers is nurtured by the light of the sun. Be sure to attend this event!


From Kiyose Station, take Seibu Bus bound for "Shiki Eki Minamiguchi" (Shiki Station South Exit).
Get off at "Shitajuku Iriguchi" bus stop and walk 3 minutes.


042-497-2052 (Industrial Promotion Section, Kiyose City)