Red Spider Lily (Manjushage)

Because the flower starts to bloom at about the time of the autumnal equinox, the red spider lily is also known by the name "Higanbana (equinox flower)". In Japanese, "Manjushage" for red spider lily means "flower of the heavens", and according to one of the Buddhist scriptures, red flowers will fall from the heavens as a signal of an upcoming celebratory occasion. That is the apparent origin of the name.

Peak viewing season

Mid-September to early October

Flower meaning

"Passion", "sad memory"

*The best time to see the flowers may vary depending on the weather conditions.

Flower Walk spots

高麗の里 巾着田

Kinchakuda, Komanosato

Because it somewhat resembles a drawstring purse (Kinchaku in Japanese) in shape, this area was named Kinchakuda ("drawstring purse field"). Here, approximately five million red spider lilies bloom, one of the most prolific spots in the Kanto region. Likened to a red carpet, the landscape is so brightly colored that perhaps even this description is inadequate. During this period, a Spider Lily Festival is held, where one can spend a luxurious time viewing the flowers while tasting some of Hidaka's local specialties.


125-2 Oaza Komahongo, Hidaka-shi, Saitama


About a 15-minute walk from Koma Station


042-982-0268 (Kinchakuda Administration Office)