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Transportation Information: To and Around ChichibuTransportation Information: To and Around Chichibu

Heading to Chichibu

Use of limited express

The shortest ride takes only 78 minutes from Ikebukuro to Seibu-Chichibu Station Have a pleasant trip to Chichibu!
You can make purchases or reservations via the Internet.

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Through-service to Nagatoro or Mitsumineguchi(Weekends and holidays)

Rapid express through-service train runs from Ikebukuro Station to Nagatoro or Mitsumineguchi Station.

(Outbound) *Weekends and holidays only

(Inbound) *Weekends and holidays only

Use of through-service from other lines

If you use a train that connects to a Seibu Line from the Yokohama Minatomirai Railway's Minatomirai Line, Tōkyū Tōyoko Line, or Tōkyō Metro Fukutoshin Line, and then transfer at Hannō Station, you can arrive at Seibu-Chichibu Station.
Also, each station on the Tōkyū Line (except for a few) is currently selling "Tokyo Seibu Line Free Pass", discount tickets that allow unlimited rides on all of the Seibu Lines.

Getting around Chichibu

Chichibu Railway

If you are planning to visit tourist spots in Chichibu, come ride the Chichibu Railway. While getting wonderful views of Chichibu's natural beauty from the train, you will be able to ride the train in comfort and will surely make some great discoveries. Each station on the Seibu Lines (except for a few) is currently selling a Chichibu 2-Day Pass that includes unlimited rides for two days on the Chichibu Railway (between Nogami/Nagatoro and Mitsumineguchi Stations).

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Express bus for Mitsumine Shrine

If you plan to visit Mitsumine Shrine, one of the leading "power spots" in the Kanto region, it is convenient to take an express bus bound for Mitsumine Shrine from Seibu-Chichibu Station.
This 75-minute bus trip (one-way) allows you to view Chichibu's natural scenery along the way.

(Outbound) *Same each day

(Inbound) *Same each day

Rental bicycles

If you wish to explore the town at a leisurely pace, a rental bicycle is recommended. You can easily rent a bicycle at a bicycle station in front of Seibu-Chichibu Station, Nagatoro Station, etc., and then return it at any bicycle station.

Rental cars

"Use a rental car to travel around the expansive Chichibu area. Use the Chichibu Explorer Ticket's ""Chichibu Discount Coupon"" for a discount."

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Overnight trip to Chichibu

Seibu Travel

There are many lodging facilities available for visitors who wish to fully enjoy the Chichibu area. If you would like to make an overnight trip to the Chichibu/Nagatoro area and travel by Red Arrow Limited Express, Seibu Travel will make reservations for you.
Be sure to use Seibu Travel for your next overnight trip.