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Under the design direction of world-renowned architect Kazuyo Sejima, a never seen before new train car has been developed.

The concept was to develop a new, never seen before train car that would become the departure point of Seibu Railway for the next 100 years. The 001 series is derived from the reverse of 100, with 00 also signifying many possibilities, or ∞, the symbol for infinity.

Named “Laview,” it stands for:
L for a space reminiscent of Luxurious Living
a for speedy like an arrow
view for the views through the large windows

The design was developed for passengers to enjoy their rides on an express train that can gently blends into the urban and natural landscape.

Laview debuted in March 2019 as the flagship train signifying the start of a new era for SEIBU.


The design concept, exterior, and interior design was commissioned to Architect Kazuyo Sejima, winner of the prestigious Pritzker Prize.

© photo:Aiko Suzuki

Ms. Sejima’s comments: I was approached to develop a train car concept, as never seen before. This is my first time to design a train and the most obvious difference with building design is that the train can move to different places. This train moves through the Tokyo to the mountains of Chichibu and I thought it would be nice for the train to be able to respond and blend into the surroundings in a soft way. Also, I wanted to make a train which feels like a living room where passengers can freely relax and feel motivated to ride the train everyday.

<Kazuyo Sejima Profile> Architect, graduate of Japan Women’s University Masters program. Established Kazuyo Sejima + Associated in 1987. In 1995, established SANAA together with Ryue Nishizawa. In 2010, Sejima was the Director of the 12th Architecture Venice Biennale (Italy). Notable Prizes: Architectural Institute of Japan Prize*, Golden Lion for Most Remarkable Work at the 9th Architecture Venice Biennale* (Italy), Pritzker Prize* (USA), Officer of Order of Arts and Letters (France), Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts* (Japan), The Murano Togo Prize* (Japan), etc. (*SANAA projects)

Major works include the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa* (Kanazawa, Japan), Dior Omotesando* (Tokyo, Japan), Inujima "Art House Project" (Okayama, Japan), New Museum* (New York, USA), Serpentine Gallery Pavilion - 2009* (London, England), The Rolex Learning Center* (Lausanne, Switzerland), Louvre-Lens* (Lens, France), etc. The most recent project is Grace Farms* (New Canaan, USA) which opened in October 2015. (*SANAA projects)

<Major works>

  • The 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa* (Kanazawa, Japan)

    © SANAA

  • Louvre-Lens* (Lens, France)
    © Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa / SANAA, IMREY CULBERT, Catherine Mosbach

    © SANAA

Exterior design

Front Glass

The soft impression at the front is achieved by a 3D curved glass of radius 1500mm, the first in Japan to use such large format. This front curve streamlines the overall shape to achieve seamless reflections of the surroundings.

Body Color

With the aim of softly blending into the surrounding urban and countryside scenery, the train exterior is finished with a new aluminum paint developed especially for Laview. The degree of reflection was carefully studied to show a new impression of the scenery.

Passenger Windows

To provide a relaxing living room-like feeling for each passenger, windows are placed continuously in equal intervals in each car. Through the large windows of 1350mm x 1580mm, passengers can enjoy the scenery in large panoramic views.

Interior Design

Passenger Cabin

Soft warm yellow seats are arranged in a space with large windows and white walls. The new sofa-like seats are shaped to wrap the body and are equipped with an adjustable headrest and armrest table. The aim was to create an atmosphere where each passenger can relax in his / her own way.


The soft indirect light from the vaulted ceiling fills the space with light. The lighting color adjusts throughout the day for increased comfort.


The entrance is designed with warm yellow color tones and an artificial marble floor to create a welcoming and calming atmosphere. A portion of the wall is slightly curved to encourage leaning in a relaxed position.

Improved Facilities

Multi-Function Restroom

The multi-function restroom is spacious to accommodate various uses and is ostomate compatible. Changing beds and child protection seats are also provided to ensure safety and peace of mind.

Women’s Restroom

Laview is designed with Seibu Railway’s first women only restroom to provide a clean and comfortable space dedicated to women. It is equipped with a stepping board and full-length mirror so the space can be used as a changing room for after work or leisure.

Powder Room

The Powder Room equipped with dressing and magnifying mirrors, a hand dryer, and electrical outlets to provide a comfortable space for personal needs.

Wi-Fi / Electrical Outlets

“SEIBU FREE Wi-Fi” is available on all cars. Electrical outlets are located at each seat for charging mobile phones and laptop computers.

Space for Wheelchairs

Space to accommodate two wheelchairs and their companions is located in car 1. This car can also accommodate electric wheelchairs.


The AED, Automated External Defibrillator, is located in car 5.

Mutli-Language Displays

The LCD monitor provides information in 4 languages (Japanese, English, Korean and Mandarin).

※ Please note that the “New Red Arrow” will continue to run until all Limited Express are changed to Laview.

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