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Free Wi-Fi

SEIBU FREE Wi-Fi is provided!


This service makes it easy for you to connect to the Internet from a smartphone or other communication terminal within the Wi-Fi area, and is available in six languages (English, Chinese [traditional and simplified], Thai, Korean, and Japanese). To use, you just register your email address from the top page.

Available on the following trains

Laview・Red Arrow Limited Express

40000 Series

How to use

1Turn on "Wi-Fi" from SETTINGS. Then select SSID “SEIBU FREE Wi-Fi”.

2Start your browser to open any page. A top page will be displayed. Select your language and tap "Connect to Internet".

3Tap "User Registration".

4After confirming user registration, input your e mail address. then tap "Confirm".

5Check your input contents, then tap "Registration" .

6Check the security level, then tap "Accept". You can use the Internet.

Stations that offer Wi-Fi

Service details

Service name


Supported languages

English, Chinese [traditional and simplified], Thai, Korean, and Japanese (6 languages total)

Summary of Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi

With approximately 140,000 access points* at major airports, major train stations, tourist facilities, and other locations throughout Japan where NTTBP offers a free Wi-Fi environment, this Android/iOS compatible application enables users to promptly search for access points with a single operation and easily connect to free Wi-Fi once in such an area. Once you have registered to use the application, you can conveniently use free Wi-Fi without having to log in for each area. For details on how to use it, see the company's platform page. *As of end of January 2016

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