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Recommended areas

From well-known sites, such as local temples and Chichibu Nakamise Shopping Promenade, to educational sites, such as museums and archive exhibitions, there are a variety of sightseeing areas along the Seibu Lines that we recommend.

Chichibu and Nagatoro

The Chichibu area is less than 80 minutes away from Ikebukuro Station by the Laview・Red Arrow Limited Express. Situated in a beautiful natural environment with a historical atmosphere, Chichibu has much to offer visitors in all four seasons.

Koedo Kawagoe

Kawagoe is a castle town where a history-rich townscape welcomes visitors. Experience a "time travel" into a town in the Edo period.

View by purpose

Purposes of travel vary, from wanting to see beautiful scenery, to wanting to enjoy local specialties, to....
A summary of such purpose-based tourist spots is provided here.
Find a tourist spot that fits your purpose.

  • NatureThere are many areas of scenic beauty along the Seibu Lines. From the popular whitewater boating in Nagatoro to its famous carpets of flowers, there are many must-visit spots for those who want to get close to nature.
  • History and CultureNot only are the areas along the Seibu Lines rich in natural beauty but there are many sites of traditional history and culture, too. Why not take the opportunity to experience for yourself the area's uniquely rich culture?
  • Gourmet FoodA trip wouldn't be complete without visiting some great places to eat. From the local cuisine of Chichibu and Kawagoe to the delicious sweets made in the region, you'll find plenty of information on great places and things to eat along the Seibu Lines.
  • AmusementMany places of interest can be found along the Seibu Lines, including leisure areas, sports facilities, and locations of popular anime scenes!
    Have some fun and experience them for yourself!

View by month

One feature of Japan is its four seasons.
The tourist spots along the Seibu Lines also change their expressions as the months go by.
What are the best times of the year to visit sightseeing places? Also, when is a good time to travel? When planning your trip, be sure to take the changing of the seasons into consideration.

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