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Searching for transfers and fares with HyperDia

For an easy, convenient, and enjoyable way to set up your trip, try HyperDia!

What is HyperDia?

HyperDia is a system that enables users to search for transfer/connection information corresponding to timetables for JR Shinkansen and limited express trains, conventional lines, major private railways, and airlines nationwide. To search, users simply specify certain information such as a date and departure/arrival time.
You can use HyperDia to add often-used locations to your favorites and obtain walking directions.
You can also use it to collect regional information, such as maps of areas near stations, rental cars, and golf courses.
Be sure to take advantage of the convenience offered by HyperDia when you travel!

How to use HyperDia

To start your search, enter the departure station, arrival station, and date/time from this top screen.

To specify other details such as "Via" stations, order of display, number of routes, and types to use, click on "More options".

The "Useful Link" area of the Search Result screen will show "Map", "Taxi", "Hotel", "Rent-a-car", and other information for your convenience.

Smartphone App

You can also access HyperDia from your smartphone.
Both Android and iPhone versions are available.

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