Ozaki Flower Park has underpinned horticulture development for more than half a century. What makes Musashiseki, the beloved hometown of the president of Ozaki Flower Park, so cozy?

Ozaki Flower Park is one of Tokyo's largest and most popular garden centers with the largest selection of products. It sells over 100,000 varieties of plants throughout the year in a store so vast that it could easily be mistaken for a botanical garden. We asked two people, about the joys of growing plants and the charm of the verdant Musashiseki area: Mr. Akihiro Ozaki, the company president of Ozaki Flower Park, who took over the store from his predecessor and has grown it to the point where every gardening enthusiast knows of it; and Mr. Atsushi Namba, an employee of the store.
尾崎明弘さん / 難波淳史

Mr. Akihiro Ozaki / Mr. Atsushi Namba 50 years of living in the Seibu Line area / 4 years of living in the Seibu Line area

Second president and CEO of Ozaki Flower Park, now in its 62nd year of business. / In charge of Ozaki Flower Park's garden tree sales. He relocated to the Seibu Railway line area when he was hired.

The store he inherited from his father became a community space frequented by many people.

1Fの屋外にある「Outdoor Garden」。野菜の苗から庭用品まで、ガーデニングに関するありとあらゆるものがそろう。
1Fの屋外にある「Outdoor Garden」。野菜の苗から庭用品まで、ガーデニングに関するありとあらゆるものがそろう。

Ozaki Flower Park, a 15-minute walk from Musashiseki Station on the Shinjuku Line, consists of four sales departments: Outdoor Garden, Indoor Garden, Gardening Supplies, and Lifestyle & Pets. The outdoor sales area is a constant source of fascination for visitors, offering everything from common vegetable seedlings such as tomatoes and eggplants to the largest cactus you have never seen.

"My family had lived in Musashiseki for generations before my Grandfather, and we were originally farmers. My father switched to growing cyclamen from growing vegetables. Then, neighbors started asking if he would sell flowers directly to them. Since that was so well received, he decided to open a garden store." (Mr. Ozaki)

Growers Café at Ozaki Flower Park. GROWERS Plate Lunch, 1,480 yen, features various seasonal vegetable dishes. *Menu items vary depending on the season.

After Mr. Ozaki became the second president, the store grew into a place that attracts people from across Japan through continued revamps, such as creating displays for visitors to enjoy and opening the Growers Café serving dishes made with local vegetables. The Growers Café that opened with the rebirth of the garden center uses vegetables grown in the nearby Nerima Ward. It has a reputation as a place for rediscovering the charms of the Musashiseki locale.

"Nerima Ward and the area around Musashiseki have the most productive green areas in the 23 wards, where plants are readily available. Many gardening buffs live around the store as well. I feel it's because of this environment that this store has established itself in this area." (Mr. Ozaki)

Mr. Atsushi Namba, who has worked at Ozaki Flower Park for the past five years, commented, "I walk to the store from Musashiseki Station, and I learn a lot from the beautiful gardens in every house. Oh, they plant hydrangeas like that, or this house has beautiful roses. It's a fun place to walk around." (Mr. Namba)

Offering an assortment of products not bound by trends to meet customer needs.

2Fの「Indoor Garden」内にある観葉植物コーナー。「植物の管理方法は近くのスタッフに気軽に聞いてください」(尾崎さん)。
The houseplant corner in the Indoor Garden on the second floor. “Please feel free to ask a staff member about plant care.” (Mr. Ozaki)

Ozaki Flower Park was selected as a Five-Star Accredited specialty store in 2015, recommended by flower markets in each prefecture, for its staff's customer service, knowledge of flowers, and approach to flower sales.

"I also stand in the store when I have time and cherish my time with customers. I'm in charge of the houseplant corner on the second floor. Customers and staff members fondly call it 'the jungle.' I sometimes go out and buy directly from the local growers." (Mr. Ozaki)


Seeing plants lined up in rows rarely available in other stores is a sight to behold. Among them, the area where carnivorous plants, such as the Raffles’ pitcher plant, are displayed in summer has many fans among men and women of all ages, and boys who love them also frequent the area.

However, Ozaki Flower Park continues to be loved because it has a good balance of regular varieties so that the selection does not focus only on the unusual and trendy.

Mr. Namba tends to Annabelle, which blooms in early summer with pure white flowers. “It’s a type of hydrangea that’s relatively easy to grow. It’s a very popular variety,” he says.

“We have over 400 varieties of roses alone. Whether you like unusual or classic flower varieties, many different types of horticultural enthusiasts exist. That’s why we aim to offer an assortment of varieties that caters to each customer,” he says.

Ozaki Flower Park aims to create a rich environment filled with flowers and greenery.

A corner on the first floor sells dried and artificial flowers. Use the display on the sales floor as a reference to add a decorative touch to your home.

Before becoming president, Mr. Ozaki ran a florist in the Netherlands. He says that he was impressed by European scenery, where cite have flowers blooming profusely throughout.

"I believe that flowers and greenery can play a role in deepening communication with people in the community, just as we engaged with our neighbors through selling cyclamen at our founding. Going forward, I want to create an environment brimming with flowers and greenery, just like in Europe. I hope we can spread the joy of living with plants from Musashiseki’s lush greenery to the rest of Japan. I also hope that our store can be a place where people can learn about and share the nature-rich scenery of Musashiseki and the deliciousness of vegetables grown nearby." (Mr. Ozaki)

The Fire Pit, made with traditional British techniques, is now available in the outdoor sales area. The store is also planning to hold events using this fire pit.

"Many people may get their first taste of gardening at Ozaki Flower Park. If you’re not used to it, you may make errors, killing the plant or find it failing to bloom. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask our staff for help." (Mr. Namba)

Ozaki Flower Park is a place that even those uninterested in horticulture want to visit again and again, and it is also a place of relaxation and interaction for Musashiseki locals.

About Ozaki Flower Park, the business featured in this article

"Ozaki Flower Park
■ Location: 4-6-32, Shakujiidai, Nerima Ward
■ Phone: 03-3929-0544
■ Business hours: 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
■ Closed: January 1 & 2
■ Official website: https://ozaki-flowerpark.co.jp"

* The information presented in this article is current as of the date of the interview; it may differ from the latest information.

Favorite spots!

Musashiseki Park
The highlight is a large gourd-shaped pond surrounded by a promenade. “I’ve been coming here often since I was young. I eat lunch, walk the dog, and so on. It’s a comforting and familiar place to me.” (Mr. Ozaki)
Musashiseki Park
You can enjoy a boat ride and leisurely watch the trains since the park is along the railroad tracks. The boat fare is 200 yen for 30 minutes (100 yen for 30 minutes if accompanying a child). The park is great for those with children because it has an open space for children to play with a ball.
春には桜が満開に。池のまわりはお花見スポットとしても人気。■住所:練馬区関町北3-45-1 ■電話:03-3904-7557(練馬区役所土木部 維持保全担当課 西部公園出張所) ■営業時間:常時開園 ■駐車場なし
Musashiseki Park
Cherry blossoms are in full bloom in spring. The area around the pond is also a popular cherry blossom viewing spot. ■ Location: 3-45-1, Sekimachi-Kita, Nerima Ward ■ Phone: 03-3904-7557 (West Park Satellite Office, Maintenance and Conservation Division, Public Works Department, Nerima Ward Office) ■ Business hours: normally open ■ No parking lot
A popular lunch spot among the staff of Ozaki Flower Park, as the restaurant offers curry and naan (or rice) for as little as 750 yen. “I think everyone’s been at least once.” (Mr. Namba)
The Cheese Naan Set is the restaurant’s specialty. You can enjoy your favorite curry (photo: butter chickenn curry) with a rich naan filled with cheese. Tandoori chicken, available as an a la carte, is also recommended.
 ■電話:03-5991-4533  ■営業時間:11:00~15:00、17:00~22:30(土曜~23:00) ■定休日:なし
It is about a two-minute walk from Musashiseki Station. The restaurant also has tatami room seating. ■ Location: 2-29-8, Sekimachi-Kita, Nerima Ward ■ Phone: 03-5991-4533 ■ Business hours: 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. (Saturdays until 11:00 p.m.) ■No fixed holidays
Ozaki Farm Vegetable Stand
The vegetable stand is behind the north parking lot of Ozaki Flower Park. The availability of all seasonal vegetables for just 100 yen has made it popular in the neighborhood. Additionally, the Growers Café sometimes sources its vegetables from this shop.
Ozaki Farm Vegetable Stand
Onions and garlic are sold from these lockers. To buy them, simply insert a coin into the locker. As they sometimes sell out of everything after lunch, it is best to go first thing in the morning.
練馬区内には100を超える野菜販売所があります。いろいろ回ってみるのも楽しい! ■住所:練馬区石神井台4-21-9 ■電話:非公開 ■営業時間:10:30~12:00(天候などの都合により営業時間の変更の可能性あり)
Ozaki Farm Vegetable Stand
Nerima Ward has over 100 farmers’ markets. It is fun to visit them all! ■ Location: 4-21-9, Shakujiidai, Nerima Ward ■ Phone: unavailable ■ Business hours: 10:30 a.m. – Noon (The hours are subject to change due to weather, etc.)