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This section provides some information about trains that you should know before coming to Japan. Topics introduced will include train etiquette and what to do in an emergency.

[Station codes]

Each station is labeled with letters and numbers to make use of the Seibu Lines convenient for even first time visitors.

[Personal items]

  • Up to 2 carry-on items of the following size are allowed. Total dimensions (length+width+height): no more than 250cm.
    Weight: No more than 30kg However, items that exceed 200cm in length are not allowed.
    Please observe the following restrictions regarding dogs, cats, birds, and other small animals.
    • Pets must be kept in a cage with total dimensions no more than 90cm and a length that does not exceed 70cm.
    • The total weight of the cage (including pet(s)) must not exceed 10kg.
    • There must be no risk of danger or inconvenience to other passengers.
  • Hazardous items, items that could cause damage to the train, and items that could inconvenience other passengers due to odor or uncleanliness are not allowed on the train.
  • To bring a bicycle on board the train, it must first be disassembled and stored in a bag designed for transporting bicycles. Folding bicycles can simply be folded and then stored in a bag designed for transporting bicycles. Bicycles that do not meet these requirements are not allowed on the train.

[No smoking]

Smoking is prohibited in all areas of all stations at all times. Thank you for your cooperation.

[Priority seats]

Priority seats are provided for the benefit of the elderly, physically disabled, parents with small infants or toddlers, and expectant mothers.
When the train is full, please keep your phone turned off if you are near priority seats.

[Courtesy for expectant mothers]

Sometimes it can be difficult to notice when a woman is expecting a child, particularly in the early months of pregnancy. However, it is extremely important to look after the health of both the child and the mother at this time. Please be courteous to women wearing a maternity mark at any location in all stations and on all trains.

[Women-only cars]

Women-only cars are provided to ensure a safe and comfortable ride for women and small children.
Women-only cars are restricted to female passengers, small children (elementary school age and younger), and physically disabled passengers (and their caregivers).

[When the train comes to a stop]

If a suspension or delay occurs, a "transfer service" is provided on Seibu Lines or the lines of other companies, allowing passengers to bypass the affected sections. The lines and sections that can be used are determined according to which line is the cause of the suspension or delay. Please ask a station attendant for details.
*This service is applicable only to passengers who already have a ticket for a section that is affected by a suspension or delay.

[Platform emergency call buttons] In the event of an emergency in a station

If an emergency occurs that requires a train to stop immediately, such as a person falling from a station platform or walking onto a railway track, push a red emergency call button.

[On-board emergency call buttons] In the event of an emergency on a train

If an emergency occurs on board a train, such as a passenger who is seriously ill, press one of the emergency call buttons on the train to alert the train crew.

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