Taking the Train

Steps to get on the train

01 Buy ticket

  • To ride a train, you can either buy a ticket with cash from a self-service ticket machine or charge the fare to a prepaid IC card such as PASMO or Suica.
  • Check the railway map showing the fare, confirm your destination, and either buy a ticket for the required amount or charge the amount to PASMO or Suica.

02 Enter ticket gate

If using ticket

Insert your ticket into the upper slot at the ticket gate.
Your ticket will emerge when you pass through the gate. Don't forget to take it.

If using PASMO or Suica

Touch your PASMO or Suica card to the area showing "IC" on the ticket gate.

03 Go to platform

Go to the platform for your destination and wait for your train.
You can check train destinations, departure times, and other details from the train information board.

04 Board train

When the door opens, you can board the train.
Wait for people to get off the train before boarding.

05 Exit gate

As when entering the ticket gate, insert your ticket into the slot. (Ticket will not emerge.)
Or touch your PASMO or Suica card to the "IC" area.
If the ticket you bought did not cover the proper fare, pay the difference at a fare adjustment machine.