Cooperation Request

In emergencies

Train emergency alarm equipment

Train emergency alarm equipment

Press the red train emergency button if the train needs to stop in an emergency, such as when a passenger has fallen from a platform or somebody has entered the train's right of way.

Onboard emergency intercom equipment

Onboard emergency intercom equipment

Press the onboard emergency intercom button in cases such as when a passenger has taken ill or anything unusual has been found onboard.

Obstacle alarm equipment (emergency button)

Obstacle alarm equipment (emergency button)

If you notice anything unusual at a grade crossing, press the emergency button next to the crossing to warn trains. These are installed at all grade crossings.

Automated external defibrillator (AED)

Automated external defibrillator (AED)

This is a medical device that can save the life of a person whose heart has stopped, using an electric shock to the heart (cardioversion). It also provides voice guidance on health massage and artificial respiration. AEDs are installed in all stations.

Requests to keep the trains comfortable for passengers

Passenger understanding and cooperation is requested to keep the trains comfortable for passengers.

Priority seating

Allow seniors, passengers with disabilities, passengers with internal conditions, passengers with infants, and expectant mothers to use priority seating.

Turn mobile phones off near priority seating when the train is crowded.

Maternity mark

Pregnancy is an important time for the health of both baby and mother, especially in the early stage when it may not be visible. Passengers are requested to be especially considerate of mothers wearing this badge in stations and on trains. Maternity mark badges are available in the station for expectant mothers.

Women-only cars

Women-only cars are available during the morning rush for women passengers, young children, and others.

Using strollers safely

Be careful not to block others when pushing a stroller. Also be considerate of other passengers with strollers.

No smoking

  • Smoking is prohibited at all times in the station and on the train.
  • Please refrain from vaping or using similar products in the station and on the train. Doing so could discomfort other passengers or cause misunderstandings.

Help us keep the stations and trains clean

Please help us keep the stations and trains clean by taking waste home with you.

Mobile devices

  • Please refrain from using smartphones, mobile phones, portable games, etc. while walking inside the station.
  • Switch such devices to silent mode and refrain from calling while on board a train. Turn them off near priority seating when the train is crowded. Passengers on the Laview and Red Arrow Limited Express trains are requested to make and take calls on the decks only.


  • Please be considerate when taking photos in the station, following the rules below.

Notes on taking photos in the station

  • Never reach beyond the rails or yellow lines on the platform when taking photos. Doing so could involve the risk of falling from the platform or coming into contact with the train.
  • Never enter the train's right of way. Doing so could involve the risk of coming into contact with the train or high-voltage electric shock.
  • Please refrain from other acts that could block other passengers or restrict their access to the trains or could hinder safe train operation.
  • Follow any instructions from Company personnel.

Be considerate to avoid problems among passengers resulting from acts such as photographing others.

In the station

  • Do not rush to board the train. Doing so could cause accident or injury.
  • Passenger cooperation is requested in boarding in order in certain states and during certain times of day.

On board the train

  • Be considerate on board the train, so that as many passengers may be seated as possible.
  • On a crowded train, place bags or other belongings on your lap or on the overhead rack.

Carry-on baggage

Each passenger may carry on up to two pieces of baggage, not to exceed 250 cm in size (total depth, width, and height) or 30 kg in weight. However, articles longer than 200 cm long on one side may not be carried on.
Be sure to follow the rules below when bringing a small dog, cat, or other pet on board.

  • Carry the pet in a cage up to 120 cm in size (total depth, width, and height).
  • The weight in the cage must not exceed 10 kg.
  • Do not bring on board items that could endanger or inconvenience other passengers.
  • Do not bring on board articles such as hazardous items or ones that could damage the train equipment or could inconvenience other passengers due to uncleanliness or odor.
  • When bringing a bicycle on board, first disassemble it and store it in a dedicated case. Other bicycles are not permitted except with special permission from the Company.