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Chichibu & Nagatoro

Access to Chichibu and Nagatoro

The Chichibu area is less than 80 minutes away from Ikebukuro Station by the Laview・Red Arrow Limited Express.
Situated in a beautiful natural environment with a historical atmosphere, Chichibu has much to offer visitors in all four seasons.
A carpet of Shibazakura flowers appears in spring. The season for cruises arrives in summer, offering a wonderful opportunity to relax with the splendid scenic views and splashing water. Festivals held year round add their own charm to the Chichibu area. In particular, the Chichibu Night Festival in December is a must-see, renowned as one of the three biggest float festivals in Japan.
Let us introduce the charms of Chichibu and Nagatoro, two resort areas that represent an ideal day trip from Tokyo for adults and children alike.

Popular way of enjoying Chichibu and Nagatoro

"GRUTTO PLUS" provides information regarding recommended sightseeing courses of Chichibu.

Seibu Chichibu Ekimae Onsen Matsurinoyu

This hot spring facility complex located in front of Seibu-Chichibu Station is based on the concept of the famous Chichibu festivals.
The complex reveals the full charm of Chichibu, as it boasts a diverse hot spring area, a food court area offering a great variety of Chichibu delicacies, and a merchandise sales area selling specialty products that are perfect as souvenirs.

Hitsujiyama Park

Spring is the best season to visit Japan! Come and appreciate our Shibazakura !
Shibazakura (pink moss) are very famous examples of Seibu spring flowers. Originating from North America, Shibazakura blooms with many lovely pink and yellow flowers.

The best place to enjoy Shibazakura is Hitsujiyama Park.

Over 0.4 million Shibazakura plants of nine varieties blossom, creating an elegant spring carpet.
Many Japanese tourists also visit the park for sightseeing. You mustn't miss <Shibazakura> when you visit Japan in spring.

Whitewater Boating in Nagatoro

Japanese Boat and Rafting in Nagatoro is possibly the best river experience in Japan. Come and try this whitewater for a unique relaxing get-away experience.
We recommend rafting if you want to feel the breath of nature along the Seibu line.
The Arakawa River running from Saitama to Tokyo has both surging currents and gentle waves, delivering the true power of nature up-close.
There are two ways to enjoy the rafting.

Japanese Boat

Travel down-river based on traditional Japanese techniques on the rapid torrents of Arakawa.
The boat will take you slowly down the river while you enjoy the beautiful scenery and rock terraces.
The boat operates from early March to the middle of December, and there are three different courses varying in distance and location.


Float briskly down the river in a rubber boat!
If you want to jump into the river for a close encounter with nature, we recommend rafting for you.
Rafting is available year round.

You can see and enjoy the following along Nagatoro River!

1Arakawa Bridge
This is a iron bridge for stream locomotives. It is an excellent point for taking beautiful pictures! You can also enjoy exceptional foliage in the autumn.
This is one of the best places to enjoy rafting. If you want real excitement, wait for the day after heavy rains. Also, do not forget to check out how skillfully the rowers do their jobs!
3Iwadatami (Rock Terraces)
Here you can enjoy beautiful scenery with stretches of rock, just like Japanese traditional floor mats. It is designated as a Japanese national natural monument. The largest rock formation in Japan creates a splendid view. And don't miss walking along the scenic path!
This is one of the places for rafting on the river and it is wider than Kotakinose, providing twice as much excitement. Be ready to cover yourself with a plastic poncho to stay dry amidst the splashing water!!
5Frog Rock
A curious rock situated near Takasagobashi. The name comes from the frog-like shape that resembles a frog looking to the side. Other unique rock formations also look peculiar, such as Elephant Rock.


Chichibu small hotel C`est la vie

Small 7-room hotel with antique furnishings that stands in the midst of natural surroundings of Nagatoro. The hotel prides itself for its traditional multi-course Japanese kaiseki dinner using seasonal ingredients such as home-grown vegetables.

419-1 Ldo,Nagatoro-machi
From ¥20,800/night
Incl. two meals

Yunoyado Wadoh

Here, you can soak in Yakushi-no-Yu, a mineral spring bath with the longest history of all the hot springs in Chichibu. The modern Japanese-style guest rooms which were renovated in 2015 is recommended.

813 Kuroya, Chichibu City
From ¥15,120/night incl. two meals

Natural Farm City Noen Hotel

Situated in the suburban hills, the hotel is in an excellent location overlooking the city. Popular for buffet-style meals with a focus on vegetables from the hotel`s own farm and contracted farmers.

5911-1 Omiya, Chichibu City
From ¥8,640/night incl. two meals

Akaya Onsen Ojikaso

A hotel that has its own unique elegance that stands amid Chichibu`s mountains. Dinner is served around the irori fireplace and visitors can savor casseroles, freshwater fish grilled with salt, and other mountain delicacies.

243 Sanyama, Ogano-machi
From ¥12,960/night incl. two meals

Prince Hotel Sunshine City

Prince Hotel Shinjuku

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