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MOOMINVALLEY PARK Ticket & Travel Pass

Notice of Temporary Closure of the MOOMINVALLEY PARK

To prevent from the spread of the Coronavirus disease, the MOOMINVALLEY PARK will be closed indefinitely from the 30th of March 2020. For more details, please check the URL below. Please also take note that in conjunction with the temporary closure of the park, sales of the 「MOOMINVALLEY PARK Ticket & Travel Pass」will also be temporarily suspended.

MOOMINVALLEY PARK Ticket & Travel Pass

The MOOMINVALLEY PARK Ticket & Travel Pass includes train fare, bus fare and entrance ticket to the Moominvalley Park. We recommend using this ticket when you go to the Moominvalley Park. You can take unlimited rides on the Seibu lines for the day, so you can enjoy not only the Moominvalley Park, but also sightseeing spots located along the Seibu lines.

How to use this ticket

Train fare, bus fare and entrance ticket to Moominvalley Park are all included.

1 Train:

On the day that you use this ticket, please show it to the station staff at the information counter near the ticket gates. The station staff will stamp your ticket with the date and name of the station. Similarly, please also take out your ticket and show it to the station staff when you exit the train station.

◆Points of caution:

・This ticket can be used to travel freely for one day on all Seibu train lines (with the exception of the Tamagawa Line).
・When taking a limited express train and the reserved seat train, a separate charge is also required.

2 Bus:

Board one of the buses on the set bus routes to the Moominvalley Park and show the bus driver your ticket when you get off the bus. This ticket can only be used for one round trip.

◆Points of caution:

・This ticket can only be used for one round trip between the north exit of Hanno Station and Metsä or between the east exit of Higashi-hanno Station and Metsä.
・The ticket is only valid for the date that has been stamped on the front of it.
・The ticket may be used for buses operated by Seibu Bus, Kokusai Kogyo Bus and Eagle Bus.

3 Entry to Moominvalley Park:

Show your ticket to the staff at the Moominvalley Park entrance and enter the park after they stamp your ticket with an entry stamp.

◆Points of caution:

・Please show your ticket to the staff at the park entrance. Each ticket allows park entry for one person.
・The ticket is only valid on the boarding date that has been stamped on the front of it.
・For admission to an attraction or ride with a fee, please purchase a ticket at the ticket vending machines inside the park.

Sales period

Year-round sales

Ticket prices

Adult 2700 yen
Child 1600 yen
*No refunds permitted(this also applies to train fare, bus fare and Moominvalley Park entrance tickets)

Period of validity

Only valid for the boarding date.

Sales locations

<In Japan>
Train stations on the Seibu lines:
Ikebukuro Station Limited Express Ticket Office (B/1F),Seibu-Shinjuku Station Limited Express Ticket Office,Takadanobaba Station, Seibu Tourist Information Center Ikebukuro.
CAMERA shops :
Bic Camera Ikebukuro Main Store, Ikebukuro West Store, Ikebukuro East Camera Store,Shinjuku east exit store (BICQLO),Shinjuku West Store,Shinjuku Station East Store.

<Outside Japan>


Refunds are not permitted for train fare, bus fare or Moominvalley Park entrance tickets


This ticket is only available to foreign visitors to the park.
You will be required to show documentation verifying foreign nationality such as a non-Japanese passport or a Japanese residence card (zairyu card) when purchasing a ticket.When taking a limited express train, it is necessary to purchase a limited express ticket separately.